Reline Drainage

Through the years, Reline Drainage continues to provide comprehensive drainage maintenance and repair services for both commercial and industrial large scale drainage needs in London, UK.

We specialize in trenchless (no-dig) repair and relining using the Brawoliner pipe relining and repair system, the worldwide leader in pipe relining technology from Germany.

Brawoliner Trenchless (No Dig) System

In the past, fixing a drain or relining a pipe is synonymous with excavating large amounts of soil, concrete and offending odours not to include disruption of work.With the Brawoliner trenchless technology, repairs and relining work can now be performed without the need to dig and with minimal to no disruption of your daily work/routine.

We do this by putting in a new pipe within the old one. The whole process takes only a few hours and could be done to a wide range of pipe widths and lengths. It is also environment friendly and tested to last for more than 50 years.

Time-tested with Years of experience

Gearing ourselves with the latest technology and expanding our knowledge and range of skills in order to always meet the demands of our clients established our reputation as a company that delivers competitive and cost-effective solutions not only to their drain/pipe relining needs but also their other drainage maintenance and repair needs including:

  • Drain and pipeline inspection and survey
  • Plumbing inspections
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Unblocking drains and pipes

Our growing team of qualified and highly trained engineers and operators are fully armed with the knowledge and skills to serve, answer and solve all of your drainage repair and maintenance needs in the shortest time possible without sacrificing quality.