Blocked Drains

Unblock drains

Do you need help with your blocked drain? At Reline Drainage, our professional team has many years of experience in fixing blocked drains using the latest technology available. No more digging is necessary. Do you wonder how we do this? Here are some of the tools we use including its functions:

  • High definition camera – We have the latest CCTV Drain Camera technology which allows us to probe a camera down your drain in order to locate and identify any blocked pipes.
  • Robotic cutting –  In cases where the identified blockage is complex, we can utilize our robotic cutter which is a remote-controlled device with a high-speed cutting head that can cut through most things.
  • Water jetting – If we have identified a minor case of blockage that is usually caused by excess foreign wastes or tree roots, we can usually fix this by water jetting. This is where we insert a high-pressure water pipe into your drain to the blockage.
  • Pipe relining – Once we’re done fixing your drain,  we need to look for solutions in order to prevent it from happening again. The best solution for this is pipe relining. Pipe relining involves placing a special pipelining within an existing pipe. There are many ways to do it and  Reline drainage is the leader in pipe relining.