Drain Cleaning

Cleaning drains

From storm drains, sewers, industrial pipes and drains to main lines, Relinedrainage provides the most comprehensive cleaning services for any large-scale cleaning you need.

All of our vehicles are equipped with the latest state of the art equipment and technology that allow us to remove large range of materials from your drains and sewers like debris, grease, sludge, tree roots, sediments and deposits.

Our team of highly skilled and qualified workers in tandem with the latest in drain cleaning technology allows us to be flexible and capable of handling any of your drain cleaning needs:

• CCTV inspection and reporting, including surveying

• Sewer and drain cleaning

• Jetting of tanks and culverts

• Pipe and tube cleaning

• Root cutting

• Trunk drain cleaning

Having a working drainage is synonymous to a healthy and sanitary environment. However, drains are often left in the back of our minds until they start becoming the source of our problems.

Drains, like our favourite cars, need some TLC-tender loving care, due to the consistent build up silt, fat and grease. They have to be cleaned regularly so they maintain their pristine condition. The most effective way of cleaning drains is through high pressure water jetting.

High pressure water jetting works by blasting fast jets of water on the pipe’s walls to remove all accumulated debris and grease so that it can be flushed out.  However, we also know that not all those that clog our drains can be removed by this.

That’s why we only hire workers who are fully qualified with wide experience in the field that allows them to be effective in determining the ways to end your drain worries.

At Relinedrainage, you can ensure that we will respond and accomplish the job fast and to your satisfaction. All of our workers are fully qualified with sufficient experience in the field. All of our vehicles are also armed with tools including on board high pressure water jetting machines to ensure that we can respond to your needs pronto.

Feel free to contact us and ask us for free estimates for all of your drain cleaning needs. We always make sure our rates are very competitive and worth the price